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Here you can find other sites featuring Body Art:
Martin Armand
An amazing Canadian body painter and make-up artist.

Andy Golub
A fascinating New York artist, who amongst many things paint very personal and unique motifs on human bodies

Art2Body Leipzig
Andreas Wänke in Leipzig - photographer and bodypainter.

Art with Love
A German artist who does, body painting, makeup and henna painting (mehndi).

Australian Museum - About Body Art
The Australian Museum is the oldest museum in Australia, established 1827. However, they are modern enough to present an online service, with lots and lots of pictures and facts. One of the subjects is Body Art of all kinds - shaping, tattoos, scarring, piercing and painting.

Bodypainting & Airbrush München - von BodyAndi
A German body painter.
This is the site of a British body paint model, who has been subject to many body painting projects. He also started to perform body painting back in 2000, and on this site he features his art. A larger collection of pictures can be found at another of his sites -

Bodypainting London
An English body painter.

Bodypainting Magazine
An Austrian magazine about Body Painting, in which also I have been featured.

Bodypainting Model
Ingrid Schultes is a German body painting model, and this is her site, with a lot of pictures

Bodypainting by Fredi Schmid
A Swiss body painting artist.

Bodypainting by Willem Buis
A quite remarkable Dutch body painter. Check out the gallery!
A site featuring a multitude of Chinese symbols. You can buy all kinds of stuff there, but mostly interesting from a body art perspective is the page Chinese Symbol Translation/Tattoo Design, where you can order translations of your own names, words or sentences into Chinese symbols. Really cool if you are a body painter or tattoo artist.

Christine's Web Gallery
The website of Christine Dumbsky, a German artist - with body painting, erotic art and photos.

Earth Henna
A web site with henna painting as their speciality.

Fairy Dust Faces
Karen Baker does Face Painting, Henna paintings, Airbrush Tattoos and some other fun stuff.

Ferry Zeeman Face- & Body-Art Group
A Dutch artist and bodypainter, who shows lots of both funny and beautiful examples of bodypainting, as well as other kinds of body decoration, such as henna tattoos, theatre makeup and hair styling.

Flesh and Color
An American artist/photographer who does fantastic body paintings, and incredible pictures. Some of the pictures are very skillfully manipulated into very imaginative pieces of fantasy art.

Form & Fantasi
Two Swedish womwn, Carolina and Cornelia also participated in the Stockholm Body Painting Contest 2008, and did by far make the best painting if you ask me. Check out their website!
Homepage for Carolyn Roper, a British Make-up Artist & Body Painter.

”In Praise of ’Golder’ Women”
A website completely focused around women painted in gold and silver.

Henna Information Page
at a webshop for perfume,, you can find a freestanding information page – The Art and History of Henna as Bodyart – about henna tattoos, mehndi, also featuring links to other sites with more info.

The Henna Page
A complete resurce page about henna.

Jarls Pantry
A Swedish couple, body painters who won one world championship, and also wona prize ar the Stockholm Body Painting Contest 2008.

Mike Woolson is a multi-artist of a certain kind. On his website you can see a selection of his visual art, including some photos with body painted models.

A German company which is one of the leading in the world, in theater make-up and body paint.
A huge directory for all kinds of artistic expressions, including body art.

KYO - Konstmodellernas Yrkesorganisation
The Swedish Organisation for Nude Models of Arts. Here you may find models to paint on!

LiquidLatexStore.comNew link
A company that sells latex colours for body painting.

Mark Reid
An American artist who calls himself "Master Bodypainter", with all right. Mark is an amazingly good painter, a great body art performer, and it is a pleasure to see his image gallery.

Nature Nymphs
A site for Alishas Naomi Fisher, an artist and photographer, who shows her pictures of people, painted and decorated as nature nymphs, spirits and elements.

The Painted body
Kevin C Mason is a body paint artist who specializes in Melding, painting the model into a customized background. The results can range from wild jungles to purely abstract expressions. Check it out!

Rainbow Creations
An Australian Body Artist, with lots and lots of pictures of her own assignments.

The Art of Leroy Roper
A fantastic American bodypainter and his gallery.

Samurai Tattoo Designs
A good web resource with great tattoo designs.

Smink & Perukmakar'n
A shop in Stockholm, where I usually buy all my body paint and utensils.

Spark Body PaintingNew link
Two artists in Florida, with a special taste for Body Painting

Stockholm Body Painting Contest
The first and so far only international Body Painting COntest in Sweden, started in October 2008. I participated, of course.

[ s t o r m F x . n e t ]
A strange and mysterious, trashy artist, with a really cool website, featuring strange body art.

Superdus Body Painting
An English site about body painting.

Tattoo Johnny Tattoo Designs
A huge Tattoo Design Gallery, featuring thousands of Tattoo Designs, created by top tattoo artists and illustrators.

Temple of Bodyart
A German site with lots of pictures - piercing, nails, tattoos, jewelry and body painting.

WBPA - World Body Painting Association
As it sounds - a world organisation for body painters. Was founded in Austria 2001, and is also responsible for the World Bodypainting Festival.

The World Bodypainting Community
A web community focusing on body painting.

World Bodypainting Festival
As it sounds - a bodypainting festival for body painters, in Austria.

The World Bodypainting Community
Tattoo Johnny Tattoo Designs
World Bodypainting Festival and World Bodypainting Award

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