BodyArt - the decoration of the naked human body


I am a painter and illustrator artist, so I prefer using brushes when I paint on my models.

I use water soluble theatre makeup, which covers the skin well. It also dries fast, doesn't make a mess and is easy to wash off.

I mainly work on fully nude models - it gives the best result both technically as well as artistically, and it has the strongest impact for the viewer.

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I can bodypaint for many different kinds of events. If the models are there to illustrate something, I can finish painting before the event, or I can also do the painting in public, for the show of it. This is often very popular with the audience. I have done this for Rosenthal and Versace, and on clubs and parties - it was highly appreciated.

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I do put up certain demands for you if you want my services.
I generally hire professional art models, and on their behalf I demand a professional attitude from you. The models should be well paid (by mutual arrangement), they should not have to freeze, and be met with respect.
If the location has a draft, or is cold for any reason, there has to be some kind of heater for the models.
If the painting is in public, a podium, stage or special place must be set up for models and artist (at least 2-3 square meters), and a small table for colours, brushes and water.
There has to be a room for the models to change, and a shower - preferably equipped with soap, shampoo and towels.

For all events I can take care of practical things as getting models, maybe more body painting artists (if the event is large), and being a true showman (actor/director), I can also take care of a larger portion of the artistic production of an event.

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